PACKAGE 1:  NAD 2500

60 min Photoshoot / 80 - 120 photos / 5 x A4 Prints / 2 x 300x300mm Canvas / 1 x A3 canvas / 1 x A2 canvas / Delivery: Branded USB + Memory Box / Special Delivery: 3 Working days

PACKAGE 2:  NAD 2000

45 min Photoshoot / 50 - 80 photos / 5 x A4 Prints / 3 x 300x300mm Canvas / 1 x A3 canvas / Delivery: Online Gallery

PACKAGE 3:  NAD 1800

40 min Photoshoot / 30 - 50 photos / 1 x 300x300mm Canvas /Delivery: Online Gallery

*CD’s can be ordered for N$25 per branded disc


My Lifestyle Newborn Sessions involve both baby individually, and baby + parents. Lifestyle sessions doesn’t involve any type of props or formal posing, ie.wrapping the baby, basket shots, etc. Instead, they are more candid in nature, with the primary focus placed on the new bond between the family.
These sessions are recommended to take place within the first 14 days after birth, but can also accommodate slightly older newborns who have missed that particular window of opportunity.

These sessions can be scheduled to take place at your home or in the studio. 

If you would like to have a more posed approach to photographing your baby - please mail me directly: lerikeburger@gmail.com then we can discuss a package